Awaken Your Radiant Self

90 Days Journey Of Empowering Artistry & Crystal Healing.

Gain Clarity, Self-Love, and Inner Strength

🌟 Transformative Journey: Embark on a three-month odyssey of self-discovery and empowerment, tailored to awaken the goddess within you. Through art therapy, color therapy, crystal healing, and chakra alignment, unlock the radiant essence of your being.

🎨 Unique Art Projects: Immerse yourself in geode-style epoxy artwork, guided by monthly themes and tutorials. Craft unique pieces infused with the healing energy of colors, crystals, and intention, elevating your artistic expression to new heights.

💎 Crystal and Color Therapy: Explore the profound healing properties of crystals and colors as you work with a different crystal and color theme each month. Harness their energy to balance your chakras, enhance your creativity, and nurture your intuitive abilities.

🧘 Guided Meditations: Dive deep into guided meditations tailored to each monthly theme. Experience moments of self-reflection, clarity, and empowerment as you connect with your inner wisdom and embrace your divine essence.

📝 Empowering Actions: Receive a blueprint for empowering actions, providing practical steps aligned with the monthly theme. Empower yourself through daily and weekly practices that promote holistic well-being and personal growth.

📘 Comprehensive Resources: Access comprehensive resources, including detailed lessons, tutorials, meditations, and journaling prompts. Enhance your learning experience with in-depth insights, practical techniques, and supportive guidance.

✔️Additional Benefits of the Program: Awaken your creative force , Balance your energy, Connect with your higher self, Nurture your intuitive abilities

Artwork Month 1

The first month is focused on clear quartz and color white. Gaining clarity, and starting the new chapter with a clean slate is our focus during this month. We will create an Aura painting together.

Artwork Month 2

The second month is all about rose quartz and heartfelt harmony. We will create beautiful painting with crystal center and druzy that is representing self love and nurturing energy for the months to come.

Artwork Month 3

The third month is all about cultivating empowerment and inner strength. It's also waking up to the life that you want to cultivate for yourself. Therefore we will bring energizing green and yellow hues and crystals.

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✔️Transformative Journey: Embark on a 3-month empowerment journey with Goddess Radiance, focusing on gaining clarity, nurturing self-love, and cultivating inner strength.

✔️Guided Exploration: Each month is dedicated to a specific theme, providing structured guidance as you navigate through personal growth and self-discovery.

✔️Month-by-Month Focus: Dive deep into themes of clarity and wisdom, self-love and nurturing, and empowerment and inner strength, allowing for focused development in key areas of your life.

✔️Flexible Learning: Enjoy the flexibility of a one-time payment for full access, allowing you to start and finish at your own pace. Additionally, use the program as a yearly refresher to realign with your goals and intentions.

✔️Comprehensive Content: Access a range of resources including video tutorials, meditation guides, and journaling prompts to support your journey of healing and self-discovery.

✔️Artistic Expression: Explore different art techniques and mediums each month, creating unique artworks with intention to reflect your inner journey.

✔️Crystal and Color Therapy: Immerse yourself in the healing power of crystals and colors, aligning with specific themes to enhance your spiritual and emotional well-being.

✔️Lifetime Access: Enjoy lifetime access to the course materials, allowing you to revisit and continue your journey of growth and empowerment whenever you need it.

✔️Empowerment and Healing: Experience the transformative power of art therapy, color therapy, and meditation, unlocking your inner radiance and embracing your divine self.

With Goddess Radiance, you'll not only create beautiful artworks but also embark on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and healing. Join us today and awaken the goddess within you!

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Course Value 397 USD, Today Only:

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  First Month - Finding Clarity In Your New Path
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  Second Month - Cultivating Self Love & Nurturing Energy
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  Third Month - Awakening Inner Strength & Empowering You On A New Journey
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